I Need Your Help, Please…

I don’t very often ask for help, but I think it is about time I took stock of some opinions and indeed, if possible, some help in the form of advice from you all.

This concerns the topic of the big M – money! I have come to the conclusion that I have never really come to grips with the reality of what money actually is and what it means in my life (and possibly in yours as well). So I gave up a perfectly good, and very well-paid, job in law to study to be a nurse, and to be honest, though nursing did not pay that well, it was never really about money – it was about doing what I felt I was borne to do.

When it comes to using my healing skills (and I accept they are not really mine, I merely act as a channel to the Energy that causes healing) – I felt reluctant to accept money for that, because it felt somehow wrong to accept money for something that I have always been able to do, and indeed, healing is something I enjoy doing.

Then I had the good fortune to meet a very good friend, who pointed out to me, that money is ‘just’ solidified energy, and that when someone pays me for healing, it is an energy exchange, freely entered into by two or more consenting adults. I can understand that idea, and I agree with it. I can also see that doing a job you like and getting paid well for it, is exactly how it should be – though I know that for lots of us that is not the reality of the situation.

Yet, money and scarcity mentality maintain a firm foothold in my life – and there does indeed never seem to be enough money. I do all the meditations, I affirm to myself that I attract money, I have taken another job, and if possible will take a second one any day now if it materializes.

One thing I will not do for money is lie. I have had a job for a short amount of time, where I was doing ok, not great, but ok, until I realized that what I was selling was ‘hot air’ and that if anyone ever approached someone I loved with the same product and sold it to them, I would be spitting feathers in anger that they had so betrayed the innocence of the person I love. Therefore, lying to make money is not something I ever want to do again!

So, now I have a new job. Making appointments for a sales rep to go and see a business. So, business to business calling is not illegal, not immoral, not anything bad at all – it is the way of the world, and the product my colleague in sales will maybe eventually sell, after I set up the appointment, is a real and useful product, that will make the company purchasing it a huge amount of savings in time and money. And still, I am unable to lose the ‘niceness’ (a euphemism for not being pushy enough). I am puzzled. So when someone is obviously interested in what I am trying to get them to look at, I somehow cannot find the right words to ‘close’ the appointment.

I no longer believe there is anything inherently ‘bad’ about money (though I do believe that the love of money above all else is indeed the root of a lot of evil in the world). I am doing a job that I actually really enjoy, with a great boss, but seem unable to do that ‘last little bit’ in pinning down my ‘prospect’. I am sure there are techniques and I shall learn them, but I still wonder whether below that reluctance to make that little extra push at the end there is a deeper issue with the big M.

No, I have no great wish to be super wealthy, it would not mean that much, I have already simplified my life to the point where I want it to be, I do not need a bigger house, a newer car, more clothes, or things. I just want enough to pay the bills easily, and have a bit to spare to spend on doing some good for others, whilst saving a bit for emergency situations – that would never constitute a fortune in the books of anyone I know personally.

I would be really interested in hearing from those of you that have similar problems, or solutions. Maybe you know of some meditations, or affirmations, or techniques that will remove what I believe is a real ‘prosperity block’ in my life, and I would be very happy to hear about it.

thebigM I Need Your Help, Please...

Carpe Diem – week beg 02.12.2013

150px RWS Tarot 21 World Carpe Diem   week beg 02.12.2013Get ready for an interesting and rewarding week. The energies are very much in our favour just now, so make the most of them.

What greets this week is the Sun (card 19). Unusually we have just had three days of rain here in Spain, and today was the first day that beautiful yellow globe of light was shining again, immediately causing renewed energy in a lot of us. The Sun speaks to us of warmth, positivity, vitality – optimism, the new dawn and insight. The Sun indicates that things are going to get (a whole lot) better, in fact they already are! It tells us there are celebrations ahead and opportunities will be presented to us, which we need to accept with eager anticipation. The Sun also counsels that there is a balance between the conscious and the subconscious. We will be inspired and new alliances are possible, that will open up new paths for us.

What meets the Sun is the High Priestess (card 2). This Lady is associated with the Moon, and is counselling us to listen to our inner voice/intuition. She sits in front of a veil/curtain, behind which is hidden the secret knowledge that we need to incorporate in order to complete. She is associated with dreams and symbols – an indication that we may want to be aware of what it is we are dreaming, because our dreams may reveal what we need to know in order to reach the next stage. She tells us that using pure intellect will NOT allow us access to the area ‘behind the curtain’. She may serve as a warning that all is not as it appears to be and that the hidden factors (behind the curtain), though we may not be aware of them, will nevertheless have a profound effect on us. Time for meditation, prayer, going within, and attempting to dream and remember/interpret the dreams. Time also to be aware of the symbolic nature of life and incorporate those symbols into our awareness.

Whereas the Sun is the masculine element, the Priestess clearly is the feminine. Whatever biological gender we are, these two cards together indicate that we will have to work on balancing our opposites within us.

The outcome (of the balance between Sun and Priestess) is The World (card 21). Note that the Priestess is card 2, and the Sun is card 19, which together adds up to 21. For those interested in numerology, there is significance here, though I am not confident enough (yet) to interpret it. The World card indicates the completion of a cycle – a victorious completion moreover. The Dancer in the card is the Fool, who set out innocently and through the trials of the Dance has become The World and victory. Efforts that have been made over the last few months are now paying off – see how much you have achieved over the last few months/weeks and how far you have danced (travelled). However, be aware, as always, that the completion of one phase or project, of necessity means the beginning of a new cycle and a new project. There is no pause in the Dance, it continues eternally.

So this week then we start on a positive Yes (the Sun). We need to go within and pay attention to our inner voice, dreams, symbols, balance the conscious and the subconscious, be aware of the influences of the subconscious on our lives and calculate that ‘knowledge’ (which is experiential rather than intellectual)into our practice and we shall be in a great position to achieve successful termination of one stage of life. Time to dance inside your laurels for a little while, and then confidently step once more into the Abyss (Fool) for the next new Dance.

Have a great week everyone.