Welcome To My Site

healing light energy Welcome To My Site  I am tremendously excited about starting a website on what I love to do best in the world, connecting with Spirit and passing the energy of the Universe on to other living beings. The photo above really explains in one picture, better than I can find words for.

I will post here often (as often as my ‘borrowed’ internet connection will allow) but felt I just wanted to make a small post today to get the site up and running.  My intention on this site is to link to all those in this world who are interested in self-development, healing, Spirit, the I am that I am, and generally improving the world for all living beings.

My knowledge of technology, blogging and maintaining a site is virtually non-existent, so bear with me if things are not perfect. I am a work in progress, Spirit has not finished with me yet, but I am sure I will learn as I go along. If you like you can connect with me on Facebook, at the moment Facebook is easier for me to use than this site.  I would love to make new friends on Facebook, so hope to see you there.