Healing Services

For the purposes of healing it is not important that we are in the same place. All is energy, and using Reiki symbols and intention, healing energy can be sent to anyone anywhere at any time. I usually work with the name of the person and their date of birth and location. When I have a fully functioning internet connection the plan is that I will meet any client on Skype (either with or without webcam) and we can talk about you and what your needs are. In the meantime I have found that just having the name, date of birth and location works just fine.

I always offer a free healing session to start with. This is so you can experience the energy and decide whether it is for you. If you decide it is not for you, that is absolutely fine and using a free healing session does not in any way tie you to having to become a client.

If you decide the healing is what you need and you wish to continue then the cost is €25,00 per session. If you book 10 sessions this is reduced to €200,00 (€20,00 per session).

Sometimes other energy exchanges can be agreed between me and a client.

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