The Consolation Of A Dream

I tend to dream a lot, and have a lot of notes written about dreams and pieces of dreams that I am still working with, sometimes years after I had the original dream.

One of my favourite dreams is one I had about 30 years ago, when I was living in a very noisy residence for nurses, attached to the Hospital I then worked in. It is a dream that I remember whenever things ‘get on top of me’ and I then revisit that dream, either during those minutes before going to sleep or sometimes during meditation.

I dreamt I was at the edge of a lake. The sun was shining brightly and I stood with bare feet on the hot sand. A man appeared who handed me a white robe, and said it was time. I slipped the robe over my head and walked into the water. He said I would be able to breathe underwater and I needed to swim until I found ‘it’. He did not actually tell me what ‘it’ was.

I dived into the cooling water, and swam ever deeper, with my eyes wide open. There were some odd things down in that lake. Old shopping trollies, bicycles, bottles – all sort of rubbish. Then I saw my grandmother, and I thought it was odd that she was in the lake, since she had been cremated and I could not figure out what she was doing there. She waved and smiled at me, and I kept on diving. I saw some other things – that are highly personal to me, and I don’t really want to write about, but I know that in that dream I started crying. Odd that you can cry, when you are covered in water, and yet the tears streamed in the water. Some of the things I saw scared me a lot and I started to panic. I heard the man’s voice telling me to keep going down, and not to worry about the scary things since they were not real – as I could work out if I tried to touch them and they were just my own thoughts.

After what seemed like an eternity, I was on the bottom of the lake, but still had not found ‘it’. The bottom of the lake was clean, there was no debris here, as though all the rubbish and ideas had been left behind, and here was just a white sand underwater beach. I noticed that there was a small ‘hill’ of sand in the distance and swam towards it. As I reached the hill I realized it was much bigger than I had thought, and there was a cave in one side of it. A sense of fear touched me, should I enter a dark underwater cave? I decided I would trust what the man had said, that nothing would harm me, and it was all my imagination, and entered the cave. The walls of the cave spiralled up and up as though I was inside a giant slug-house, and they were made of crystal. There was beautiful light everywhere, filtered with all the colours of the rainbow and some more I could not even describe, caused by the water outside the ‘windows’. In the centre of the room was a small white pillar and on it was a casket. A small casket. My curiosity led me towards the pillar and I looked closer at the casket. It was in the shape of a human heart. Suddenly a small key dangled in front of me, and I took the key and opened the little heart casket. Inside it was a pearl. I reached out my hand and closed it over the pearl. I was much bigger than any pearl I had ever seen and was reflecting all the rainbow light from the room. As I took the pearl in my hand, a sense of total knowing and love flooded me and I realized the pearl was mine. I sat down with the pearl in my hands. I felt as though I would want to spend the rest of my life sitting here, never coming back up to the surface again.

After a while, the man said it was time to come back up. I started to leave the cave, reluctantly, when he told me I would have to leave the pearl behind in the casket, but I could keep the key forever. A small golden necklace appeared and the key attached itself to the necklace and then fastened round my neck. I kissed the pearl and put it back in its little nest, crying because I did not want to leave it behind. The man said I did not need to cry, I could come back whenever I wanted and sit with the pearl and it would always be there waiting for me. He said I carried that pearl within me, and it was the core of who I was around which I had made my life.

When I got back up to the surface the man was gone, but the sun was still shining.

I visit this dream often, and each time it is slightly different, the debris changes, the monsters are not scary any more but the one constant that is always there is that large pearl, around which I was formed.

Do you have any dreams that feel like they were more than just a dream, dreams that almost feel like the Source has been visiting you whilst you were sleeping?

pearl The Consolation Of A Dream