Know Yourself week beg 18/11/2013

Chariot 225x300 Know Yourself week beg 18/11/2013

What greets this week is the Magician (card 1)

We have met the Magician before, he starts the journey we are to make, and is the sign of a new cycle. He is surrounded by all four suits of the Tarot (the four elements and also the use of the mind, heart, body and soul). He holds a staff pointing to Heaven and his hand down to the earth – signifying that he channels the power from heaven, through his body and into the physical plane – whilst he is surrounded by symbols of eternity. We start a new cycle this week, in which we can manifest our deepest desires by utilizing the powers of the Universe. However, before you ask, go within to work out and clarify what your underlying motives and intentions are. Once you have a clear understanding of what it is you are attempting to manifest – then Focus. The Magician is the card of power, concentration and action.

What meets this week is The Lovers (card 6)

This card shows two lovers and an Angel (usually interpreted as Raphael, Angel of Healing and dressed in green). Apart from the fairly obvious interpretation of this being a card of love, union, relationship etc. the card on a more personal level speaks to us about working out of our own personal belief system and what we really stand for. It is time to work out your true values (this harks back again to the Magician as well) – you will then be confronted by a choice on a grand scale – which may involve making a choice between two different courses of action, one of which will lead to a dead-end and the other one who knows where? The choice we are required to make this week is not an easy one – and we can only make it if the choice is informed by a clear knowledge of what we really believe in. So again, the Focus is internal to start with, work out what we want, work out how to make a choice that is in alignment with our deepest held beliefs. If we choose the easier route, it may lead to the moral low-ground, be sure to consider honestly whether the easy choice is what you really want – it may give us a quick ‘fix’ but we ultimately may have to ‘unchoose’ that road again because it goes against what we know is ‘right’.

At the end of the week stands the Chariot (card 7)

Imagine if you can for a moment, driving a Chariot which is being drawn by two sphinxes (or horses) into the heat of battle. Other Chariots are zooming round you, there are no traffic lights – earth flying, battle cries and you are to control this fast moving chariot. Then look at the card (sorry the photo is so blurry). Not only is there no sign of fear on the face of the occupant of the Chariot, he is not even holding the reins. There are no reins. What the driver does hold is the wand held by the Magician – meaning that he controls the chariot through strength of will alone. He is driving away from the city – the material world and is surrounded by a canopy covered in stars, indicating heavenly factors affecting his success. He wears a crown made of laurels and stars – indicating a high level of enlightenment. The black and white sphinxes indicate balance – the union of dark and light and all other polarities into one unified whole. It is time to be strong, and ask for what you want clearly and without any worries – but that asking has to come from faith within yourself and what you stand for (thus harking back to the Lovers card which asked us to make this internal journey). The Chariot tells us that if we come from a place of authenticity and focus, we can have what we want, as long as we remain confident and in control.

Overall this week then – a time to clarify who we are, what we really believe in, and what we really want to achieve. A time to use all our powers of body, mind, soul and heart and examine our motivations. Once we know what motivates us, ask for what we want and focus, using will and confidence that we will achieve it. Overall a very positive reading, providing we do the internal work first.

Have a great week everyone.