Battery Hen Or Free Range – The Slavery Remains

A short post, had a huge shift in thinking last night from which I am still reeling and which is requiring a lot of research to be used into writing what I think may turn into a short e-book (if I can pull it off).

Imagine for a moment that you are a battery hen. You have had all your natural impulses bred out of you, you have on-demand food and permanent light sources that totally confuse your natural being. You fight with other battery hens for the food that will only make you fatter faster so you can be slaughtered.

Then a few hens start to wake up to the reality of what will happen to them and refuse to go along with the conspicuous consumption that will make their deaths come faster. The farmer notices this. So he has a plan.

The next day he opens the door to the shed and the hens are put outside in a lovely big field. No longer are there mountains of artificial pellets of ‘food’, instead the hens are now free to run around the field and eat real grubs and the things that the hens would have eaten before battery farming became normal. What a great life. The hens are so grateful to the kind farmer. They are no longer slaves, they have a much better life, more space, more natural foods – wow, life is great.

Until of course the day comes that they will be rounded up and taken to the slaughter house to be dispatched.

Understand that as long as we let others control us, we remain like these hens. We may change the reality of the battery farm for a free range farm, but we shall still be owned and we shall still be led to the slaughter.


batteryhen Battery Hen Or Free Range   The Slavery Remains