News Letter

I thought it might be a great idea to produce a news letter once in a while and also to keep in touch with the people who read this blog. So I have organized a programme that will allow you to sign up for the News Letter, which I will write probably about once a month and you will also get updates on when a new blog post is written.

I promise there will be no spam, but subscribers to my news letters will be the only ones who can take advantage of some offers I will put in, like maybe a free healing session or a tarot reading – depending on what my offer is that month.

Your email address is safe with me, and will not be sold, given to or in any way distributed to any other person or organization. If you don’t like the news letter it is easy to unsubscribe so no need to worry about that either. I hope to see many of you in my new little programme.

Take care everyone