Carpe Diem – week beg 02.12.2013

150px RWS Tarot 21 World Carpe Diem   week beg 02.12.2013Get ready for an interesting and rewarding week. The energies are very much in our favour just now, so make the most of them.

What greets this week is the Sun (card 19). Unusually we have just had three days of rain here in Spain, and today was the first day that beautiful yellow globe of light was shining again, immediately causing renewed energy in a lot of us. The Sun speaks to us of warmth, positivity, vitality – optimism, the new dawn and insight. The Sun indicates that things are going to get (a whole lot) better, in fact they already are! It tells us there are celebrations ahead and opportunities will be presented to us, which we need to accept with eager anticipation. The Sun also counsels that there is a balance between the conscious and the subconscious. We will be inspired and new alliances are possible, that will open up new paths for us.

What meets the Sun is the High Priestess (card 2). This Lady is associated with the Moon, and is counselling us to listen to our inner voice/intuition. She sits in front of a veil/curtain, behind which is hidden the secret knowledge that we need to incorporate in order to complete. She is associated with dreams and symbols – an indication that we may want to be aware of what it is we are dreaming, because our dreams may reveal what we need to know in order to reach the next stage. She tells us that using pure intellect will NOT allow us access to the area ‘behind the curtain’. She may serve as a warning that all is not as it appears to be and that the hidden factors (behind the curtain), though we may not be aware of them, will nevertheless have a profound effect on us. Time for meditation, prayer, going within, and attempting to dream and remember/interpret the dreams. Time also to be aware of the symbolic nature of life and incorporate those symbols into our awareness.

Whereas the Sun is the masculine element, the Priestess clearly is the feminine. Whatever biological gender we are, these two cards together indicate that we will have to work on balancing our opposites within us.

The outcome (of the balance between Sun and Priestess) is The World (card 21). Note that the Priestess is card 2, and the Sun is card 19, which together adds up to 21. For those interested in numerology, there is significance here, though I am not confident enough (yet) to interpret it. The World card indicates the completion of a cycle – a victorious completion moreover. The Dancer in the card is the Fool, who set out innocently and through the trials of the Dance has become The World and victory. Efforts that have been made over the last few months are now paying off – see how much you have achieved over the last few months/weeks and how far you have danced (travelled). However, be aware, as always, that the completion of one phase or project, of necessity means the beginning of a new cycle and a new project. There is no pause in the Dance, it continues eternally.

So this week then we start on a positive Yes (the Sun). We need to go within and pay attention to our inner voice, dreams, symbols, balance the conscious and the subconscious, be aware of the influences of the subconscious on our lives and calculate that ‘knowledge’ (which is experiential rather than intellectual)into our practice and we shall be in a great position to achieve successful termination of one stage of life. Time to dance inside your laurels for a little while, and then confidently step once more into the Abyss (Fool) for the next new Dance.

Have a great week everyone.

Week Beginning 11-11-2013 – Time For Balance and Introspection

tar11.11 tar. 300x169 Week Beginning 11 11 2013   Time For Balance and Introspection

What greets this week is Justice

Justice (card number 11, drawn on the 11th day of the 11th month)! She counsels us to look at our life with fairness, bearing in mind the law of cause and effect (also known as Karma). Lady Justice reminds us that our current situation is the result of the previous decisions and actions we have taken in our life. If we are not satisfied with the situation as it is now, she reminds us that our future can be changed if we are willing to learn the lessons that we are currently being presented with. In her right hand (conscious side) she holds a double-edged sword, a sword that represents impartiality and balance. An alternative interpretation of her sword can be that it represents right thought and right action. In her unconscious left hand she holds the scales, reminding us that logic must always be balanced by intuition. She asks of us that we evaluate where we are now, exposing the truth and bringing to light those matters that require our attention. She is the reminder of our own responsibility and accountability for where we are now, the voice of our conscience as well. In practical terms she may also deal with legal matters, court cases, divorces, contract matters and all things that are regulated by the legal system. If you are currently involved in legal matters, then she indicates that the result you will get will be fair and just.

What meets us is The World (card 21)

It is a time of integration and completion/accomplishment. Involvement in community and contribution and giving back to the community – sharing our success with others – is the way forward. The World card is not just about individual success, but can also talk to us about universal understanding and global awareness. There is infinite reward for the positive efforts we make to improve ourselves (and those around us). Remember that as life is cyclical, a time of completion of necessity also means a time of new beginnings, as there is never a time when there is no motion. It may be time to  join with others of like mind and undertake a project that is a win-win situation for all involved. World-wide issues are likely to be extremely important this week, and need to be looked at in an impartial and balanced way.

At the end of the week is the Hierophant (card 5)

The function of the Hierophant is to bring initiates into the ‘mystery’ so that they can take up their roles. He speaks for the status quo, education, the pursuit of knowledge. He also represents a Gateway to higher consciousness, usually reached in a ritualised manner. It may be time to revisit rituals from our childhood, or start some rituals of our own as a framework for how we want to plug into divinity. It is time to examine our beliefs and maybe clarify them to ourselves. What is it you believe, does it serve you, are your beliefs helping or hindering you? If they are not helping you, is it possible to change your beliefs, maybe not radically but within an acceptable (to you) framework? Do you respect the beliefs of others, no matter how different their belief system is to your own?

Overall – this week asks that we re-examine our concrete situation, and accept responsibility for where we are now. We can have ‘success’, only if we accept our own responsibility and move forward in the world with impartiality, balance and using our intuition. If you don’t like where you are, you can change it. Share your resources and abilities with others, for the good of everyone – aware that infinite rewards are the result of our positive efforts. The week ends on a more introspective note – looking at our belief systems, weeding out those elements that are not helping us and working out a system that does feed our spirit in the most meaningful way.

Have a great week everyone.



Week beginning 4th November 2013 – The Time Is Now

What greets us this week is The Fool.

This card speaks of new beginnings. The Fool is both number 0 and number 22 in the Tarot deck, for good reason. He is the character that travels through the archetypes of the Tarot and when he has reached the end, he starts again, but this time with the knowledge of what he learned before. It comes as a pleasant surprise to see The Fool at this time, since we have just had some important energy updates and we are all feeling that we are indeed New People again. The Fool carries with him a small knapsack in which he has some of the items he will need for his journey, but he is not overloaded with items, though he is setting off on a long journey. This tells us not to over-plan things generally, if it feels that we should be changing course then we need to do some preparation and trust that the rest will come to us when we are ready.  In some decks the Fool is seen stepping carelessly into a ravine, a sign of a leap of faith. He is accompanied by a dog, his faithful companion, who warns him when things are not as they seem (dogs being far more able to detect underlying things than most humans) and who protects him and anchors him to earth. The Fool is full of promise and is a sign that this week is a good time to start some new projects or even just start to change our attitudes and thoughts.

What meets us this week - The Magician

The Magician is the number 1 card in the deck. It shows a man of power, with all the elements of the Tarot (earth, water, fire and air) represented. He wears a belt which is made of a snake biting its own tail and above his head is the lemniscate. Both these symbols signify eternity. He speaks to us of having the ability to create new things in our lives – he wears the White of the Fool (a sign of purity and innocence) but also the Red of knowledge and worldly experience. He is a sign that we are ready and able to put into action a new plan or new way of being and that we will this week meet a situation that will allow us to manifest what we have been dreaming about and working for. Using the skills, tools and resources and contacts you have, pull it all together and start working on that dream or wish and concentrate. There is no better time than now.

The End of the week is The World

If I could have chosen the ending myself I would have wished it to have been the World, but I promise I shuffled the cards at least six times before drawing them! The World is the ultimate success card – it is the last card of the Major Arcana – number 21, and shows The Victor surrounded by a wreath of laurel leaves (always a sign of winning). Around the figure dancing in the laurel wreath are again the four symbols of the elements as in the Magician card, but this is the end of the journey. Whatever it is we decided to undertake this week, if we persist with the knowledge and resources as indicated by the Magician, it will be a success and the spoils are ours! Within the laurel wreath are stars of light, indicating possible enlightenment or cosmic consciousness.

Generally, a good week for starting a new project, working on oneself to change attitudes/thought patterns, use of skills and networks/tools can lead to ultimate success. It seems particularly powerful to have both card 0 and card 21 in the same reading, since it means that HUGE results are available to us this week – we can travel from beginning to end as long as we heed the sign of the Magician. Use all available knowledge, resources, all elements and keep your head in the clouds and your feet firmly planted on Earth.

Have a Great week everyone

lemniscateblog Week beginning 4th November 2013   The Time Is Now