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I have recently started reading Tarot cards again, after a long break. I am enjoying doing the readings a lot and have decided that I will offer Tarot Readings to those who request one. You can send me a request for a reading by email and I will do that reading and send email back with the reading, unless I want you to clarify your question before I start the reading.

At the moment the Tarot readings are free (for at least the first 10 people anyway!). At some point I will start charging for them. If you would like a reading please send me an email at louise@universeenergyhealing.com. In the email please state your name, and your Question. Please only ask one question. All I would ask is that you would give me feed-back on the reading and a small testimonial to enter on this page.

I take my time doing the readings, so please do not be impatient if I do not do your reading within a few hours, rest assured that I will do it and I will spend a lot of time doing it. You will always get your reading within one week of requesting it, and usually a lot faster (depending on other commitments clearly).

Blessed Be


Dear Louise, how do I begin to thank you? Your reading truly gave me goosebumps, I have been mulling over starting a business but have held myself back due to time constraints, not being able to stop work to focus on it and a lack of confidence in myself. I found your reading incredible and in fact did approach my bank due to deductions which showed up on my bank statement which should not have been there. I am absolutely amazed at all you have told me and I am going to try meditating. I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs guidance and I already feel much stronger within myself, knowing I can overcome obstacles, achieve and ultimately be happier. I am so grateful for your reading which has already made a difference in how I look at everything and given me the determination to change what I can one step at a time.
Thank you, thank you from deep within my soul. Please tell me where I can post to recommend you for you are truly phenomenal!
Bless you!

C.A. South Africa on 15th October, 2013

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