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Since in this household we are convinced that all the mainstream media are owned by the same small group of powerful manipulators, we have not bought a newspaper for years and we removed the television from our lives six years ago. This does not mean that we are not aware of current issues in the world, we just prefer to listen to independent media of different persuasions, and make our own conclusions about events.

It has to be agreed though, that a lot of what we read about the world is very negative. We are aware of the powerful cabal that is brainwashing a huge number of people worldwide, not only into the idea that they are slaves but into actually enjoying their enslavement and believing they are free. We believe in peacefully withdrawing our support from this structure and making our own decisions as much as possible and co-operating with our neighbours and friends to try and live as much as feasible outside the illusion that the powers that should not be would like us to adapt to. In that way we are voting with our choices, being aware that we cannot fight the giant structure on our own, but with each person that withdraws from the illusion the foundation of the pyramid structure of power is undermined.

In that spirit, I wish to now and again post praise and positive support for those people or institutions that Go Beyond The Call Of Duty – thereby making this world a better place to be. I am not thinking about the ‘Big’ deeds, these are the small deeds of human kindness that make the world suddenly a happier and less competitive place. The little things that create a sensation of ‘warmness’ as they are happening and might not seem important, but can colour your entire day.

So today, for me the Winner is an Optician – step up for the prize Vistalia, Altea! I needed to get an old pair of glasses repaired. The little screw on the side had fallen out, thereby releasing the lens. I had tried to repair them myself with a tiny screwdriver, but the screw had ‘jumped’ away and I could not find it anywhere. To cut a long story short, I asked the girl in the shop whether she could put a new screw in, and she said of course. After about 10 minutes of standing waiting, she returned into the shop and said I might want to go for a coffee and come back in about half an hour, she wanted to work on the glasses a bit more.

I went to a nearby coffee shop and sat on the terrace in the autumn sun, it was warm today and there were many people about. After the coffee, I walked down to the sea and sat on a bench for half an hour, just soaking in the air and the sun.

When I returned to the shop she had repaired the glasses, cleansed them with an ultrasonic bath, and then fitted them with new nose pads and new temple tips. They looked almost new (apart from the scratches on the lenses which she said she could not really do much about). I thanked her and got out my purse. She said there was No Charge! An hour’s work and no charge! ┬áNow I know that when we do have some money we will undoubtedly go to that shop to get new glasses, but that does not in the slightest bit alter the fact that she Went Beyond The Call of Duty. I went away feeling happy and grateful and wanting to share this act of human kindness.

Let me know if there is anyone or any institution that treats you well and maybe we can start a blog roll of honour for those that make the news that day just a bit more enjoyable.

Glasses Winner Of Todays Beyond The Call Of Duty

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